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Videos for ‘TSCC’ Season 1 finished!

Been working really hard the last few days on finishing off captures and videos from TSCC Season 1 and I’m done now! The only thing missing is some of the DVD extras – but they are coming up really soon as well. View all the wonderful videos in the Video Archive, it’s everything from interviews, bloopers, featurettes, the leaked pilot version clips and much more. To view all the latest video uploads go here!

Captures has been made as usual and they are all in the gallery now for your viewing pleasure. Will try and start with Season 2 soon as well and then I’m ready for the Game of Thrones mania that probably will come in the Spring 2011 😉

TSCC – Season 1: Screencaptures
– Online Interviews: Captures
– News Segments / Specials: Captures


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  1. just want to say a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE THANK YOU… the work you are doing is really awesome and really appreciated.
    it’s so amazing to know that Lena has such an amazing fansite… THANKS A LOT for your work on this amazing website…

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