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Two new FaceBook posts from Lena

Lena made two new posts on her FaceBook tonight:

Respect to all you working moms..I do not have a nine to 5 but an occasional 6 till 6 and I am absolutely knackered..Big up all the mamas out there..And the house husbands of course..Big up the home boys.

and also a post which includes some news about Game of Thrones plus the fact it seems sure Lena and her family is moving back to Los Angeles:

Game of thrones is coming to the end of the season one shoot and I can
tell you that I believe even the most ardent fans will be smiling in
2011..Everyone has brought their A game…Amazing scripts,sets,costumes
and a diverse group of interesting/talented actors..Winter is definitely

It was -4 in Belfast the other night…Home sweet warm home is but a few days away

Peace out all y’all