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‘The Grotesque’ DVD Captures and videos

Made DVD Captures and video clips from one of Lena’s earliest films – The Grotesque. Also known as Gentlemen Don’t Eat Poets. The film was made in 1995 and she stars against the amazing actor Alan Bates who sadly passed away in 2003 and also against Theresa Russell and Sting.

I think you either love or hate this movie and I personally thought it was great fun and interesting! It was never released on Region 1 in the US, I think it was only released in Norway and the quality of the captures isn’t the best but they are better then nothing.

With these DVD Captures, we now have over 40.000 photos in our gallery!

I updated the filmography page as well with some new quotes and information, you can view it here.

The Grotesque: DVD Captures