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SHOCKtober: Lena Headey’s Top 20

Stacie Ponder has posted an article where Lena lists her Top 11 horror films. I’ve to say, being a huge horror film fan myself, that Lena has got good taste!

Today’s Special Guest Top 20 comes from actress Lena Headey, who happens to be a huge horror fan. I don’t mean she’s huge- she’s actually rather small- but I mean that her love for the genre is boundless and she’s always down to watch something scary. She told me I’d hate myself after watching Martyrs and she was pretty much right. I’ve introduced her to a few movies I love with about a 99% success rate, although I don’t know if I’ll ever truly forgive her when she said she didn’t like Pieces.


Anyway, given her affection for Halloween and horror movies as well as her experience in such genre flicks as The Broken, Laid to Rest, and the classic* The Cave, I figured I’d ask her to tell us what her 20 favorites are. She pooped out before she came close to 20, but that’s alright as she had to be on set at 4:30am for HBO’s Game of Thrones and her brain hurt. I guess that’s an excuse

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