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Premiere date for ‘Game of Thrones’ decided and more

Television Critics Association‘s are today and there is new stuff coming out on Game of Thrones, which of course is very exciting!

Apparently has the premiere date been decided and it will be April 17. I don’t even own a TV and I don’t live in the US but according to IMAY Fansite did they show a new 15 minute preview to the press on January 6th. I can’t wait to see that – I hope someone uploads it to YouTube or something!

Maureen Ryan from the site TvSquad shared her thought about the preview and here is what she said about Lena:

By the way, there was also a scene full of subtext between Ned and Cersei (they both talk about how they’ve been trained to kill their enemies). I look forward to seeing more of Lena Headey as Cersei; the character is certainly not the most sympathetic one in the books. Headey was fine in her scenes, but there wasn’t really enough Cersei in the sneak peek to judge how this difficult character will come off in the TV series.