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New posts from Lena at FaceBook

With Lena’s birthday coming up, October 3rd she posted something on her FaceBook about it today:

I am headed out for my birthday to meet a group of wonderful pals … I am sure there will be a moment of spinning head and wobbly pavement … It’s been 14 months since I’ve had a drink … Raise a glass to my 37 years … Greying hair and a chipped tooth … Age is not the kindest but thankfully wisdom helps you not give too much of a shit …

She also added:

And like I say .. A fabulous pair of knickers .. Heels and the company
of great people is cause for a grin wide as the ocean … Happy day
fellow librans … Ps … Don’t forget to put something OVER the
fabulous knickers …

…Peace out swell folks

So we will all hope Lena gets to have a great time and that the drinks won’t hit too hard after 14 months of being sober 😉

On her actual birthay will I make a post and let us all post a lot of greeting wishes to her honour! So start thinking about what to write.


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