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News on ‘Game of Thrones’

There also news about Game of Thrones and unfortunately they are slightly bad, apparently HBO executives weren’t very happy and satisfied with the pilot they saw a couple of weeks ago, this is what Winter is Coming reported on their blog:

HBO just wasn’t as positive as they thought they would be. That doesn’t mean it won’t receive the light, but the show is so expensive that it just doesn’t bode well.

The blog also posts a message from the author himself, G.R.R. Martin who doesn’t seem to know much more about HBO plans and is getting a bit nervous about it:

Meanwhile, March creeps ever closer, and with it the HBO decision about whether or not to greenlight the Game of Thrones series. I am pretty much out of the loop on this, so there’s nothing I can do to impact it either way… but as much as I have tried to adopt a “que sera, sera” attitude, I’m growing increasingly anxious. All sorts of rumors swirling around the internet, both good and bad.

It’s not great to read this with March being so near, especially after reading so many positive news about this project, but let’s hope that with some tweaks the pilot will work… The pilot not being perfect might mean a lot of different things, maybe HBO simply expected the pilot to be near perfection (having invested already a lot of money into it)  and that little work was required, it doesn’t  necessarily mean that they’re not interested in this story or will not go on with the project, so again fingers crossed!