2 Comments on “New/old photoshoot in HQ!”

  1. Hi

    I was trying to log in as usual here, but the site says that I’m banned after trying to log in more than 3 times or something. I tried to try “forgot my password”, but didn’t receive anything to my email. I don’t really remember my nickname and password here, because I made it as an automatic-login from my computer. I tried to register with other emails, but didn’t receive any approvals either.

    I was registered with one of these nicknames (can’t remember which one exactly):

    – Ha_Al88
    – HaAl88

    and the same with one of these emails:


    Hope you’ll fix this problem very soon.. Thanks in advance 🙂

  2. Hey!
    It probably went to your spam folder. I mailed you the new login, hope it works now!

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