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New post from Lena about a sad story

Lena just posted a message about a sad and terrible happening about a student of Rutgers University. You can read his story here. It’s absolutely awful that people would do something like that to anyone and here is Lena’s words about it:

Just read a story of a young man taking his life because his sexuality was exposed.I cannot explain how passionate I am about the societal support we need to give to young people struggling to come to terms with their sexuality.I don’t know what we can do to make coming out less frightening for young people deciding when,if and how.

And she also added:

What I do know is that here everyone is welcome and support is absolute, ignorance and fear are not welcome. The words this weekend are compassion and enlightenment. This page is for those who share a view that we are all equal, love knows no bounds…
Have a beautiful weekend folks
RIP Tyler Clementi


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  1. Since I saw Red Roses I was charmed with you.. Happy birthday. You are a great actress. My Englishman excuses, is not very good.

  2. If people you love support you, then it’s easier to “expose”. If you are scare of what your family or friends might think or feel, then everything it’s complicated. I would say that society should try to teach people to love and live without caring, that much, about what other people might think when it comes to your basis. I wonder what happen with his date. Obviously they had different reactions, does that talks about their families and cultural backgrounds? (mmm, this has sense in Spanish)

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