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New Owner

Hello everyone, I’m Claudia and I’m the new owner of Lena Headey Online. I previously used to run a Lena site (Magnificent Lena) but closed it a while ago. But Mrs. Headey is such irresistible!!! AliKat had to step back for personal reasons so this time I took my chance to jump on and run it. I have so far worked only to fix bugs of malwares and such things, so not much to update but I will be go updating in the following days.
One thing you probably will notice is all dead links in menu, that’s because I’m working on converting php pages into here, so it takes some time. Also we’re back to the old look but that won’t last much, just the time for me to fix and work on new themes.

In addition in the photogallery you will not find a Candids section anymore. I know that many of you enjoy the candids but I do not. I do not find them pretty, interesting or attractive and rather than having them stored I preferred to completely remove for the good and respect of Lena.

It also won’t be anymore a video section dedicated to that, because for now, I don’t have time to maintain that and I won’t have an unused script sitting there to upgrade. But don’t worry the previous uploaded videos won’t be deleted. I’ve zipped them into this video folder so you can download them at any time and enjoy. You might not like these changes and as a viewer I understand your point of view, but as a webmaster since 5 years with 28 fansites I can assure you I do all of these in the interest of the site, not to be hacked, deleted or behind in updates.

Enjoy your stay!

Yours, Claudia


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  1. Pretty awesome that you’re able to continue running the site. I have tried the video link in your message but it still sends me to a “page not found.” Any info when that will be working again? Thanks 🙂

  2. Oh okay. The download is taking a while, and I already have a bunch of her movies, but I guess it will be surprise 🙂

  3. it’s nice to be surprised sometimes. I couldn’t be much of help on the videos because I didn’t even download those myself. I just moved from one folder to another

  4. Hi Claudia!

    I downloaded everything and want to send you screencaps of the contents of the folders. The contact form doesn’t work. Any chance there’s an email I could send the screencaps to? You can send a message to my Tumblr inbox for it to remain private (

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