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New movie for Lena – ‘Dredd’!

This is such exciting news! The IMAY Fansite who has got it officially confirmed by Lena that she will star in the new film ‘Dredd‘. Several news articles has been popping up about this and I thought that her note from South Africa was from her filming a new film – and so it was.

I’m not familiar with the story around character “Judge Dredd” but apparently is the story from a comic book. The main part will be played by Karl Urban (Star Trek, LOTR) and Olivia Thirlby (Juno, No Strings Attached) as Cassandra Anderson, probably the main female character.

The short synopsis I’ve found about the film/comic books is:

In a violent, futuristic city, the police have the authority to act as judge, jury and executioner.

According to the site ‘Judge Redd’ Movie News will Lena star as the “main villian and gang-leader, Madeline Madrigal AKA Ma-Ma.” And her part is described like this by IndieWire:

The principle antagonist, Ma-Ma in the project. The matriarch of a drugs gang, who deals a reality-altering narcotic known as SLO-MO, and who presides despotically over an enormous apartment block called Peach Trees, in which most of the action is set, the character, intriguingly, is described in Garland’s script as being heavily made-up and scarred, in her later 50s/early 60s, and enormously fat. Will Headey be donning a fat suit and prosthetics for the role, or has the character been glammed-up in later drafts?

You can view the films IMDb site and I will soon add a filmography here at Lena Headey Online. It’s said that it will be released sometime in December 2011.