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New interview/transcript from ComicCon

New interview with Lena by from July 21, 2011 when she and some of the Game of Thrones cast was at the ComicCon Convention! It’s a transcript mostly from the panel itself and it has some interesting information in it, for example about the DVD Extras for Season 1:

There were very few deleted scenes because they used almost everything that they shot. There was very little left on the cutting room floor. What will be included are the casts’ original auditions for their roles. “If you could see what Momoa does … You need to see him do the haka. (I need to see that like I need air to breath) It’s the dance that won him the role.”

Some from Lena:

“I’ve been criticized for giving her some humanity, but I think everyone deserves a chance. I just think she’s a confused woman who thought life was going to be something very different, and she just tries to cope with what is, and hold on. The wigs? Part of the game.”

Read the full transcript in the press archive!