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New FaceBook post by Lena!

A new post on FaceBook from Lena!

I have to say that I feel as if I inhabit a different world to most of you .. PARENTHOOD is a whole other realm .. I never mean to disappear and not update as frequently as I once thought I might.. life is full . Mainly with a small blonde haired beauty .. So forgive me if my communications are inconsistent and too few..

Your support of my work is invaluable and Lori is the greatest buttkicker getting me to keep up with you all.So my heartfelt appreciation for all of you who sign in and hang out on our page ..

Hope your hearts are happy on this rainy night ..

Peace to all …

And for all the parents out there I hope you get some tonight …. PEACE I mean… !!!! Jeez !! ( I know some of you were thinking otherwise)

Sweetdreams …

G’night facebookers..



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  1. ohhh lena , u r sooooo pretty and im crazy about ur acting. ur accent is so nice.

    love u

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