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New FaceBook post and ‘GoT’ premiere!

A new post on FaceBook from Lena today. So exciting about The Sophisticates/Desperados, I can’t wait to hear more about this! And don’t forget that Game of Thrones premieres today 😀

Facebookers.. !!!!

The thrones premier tonight. I hope you enjoy.

Monday. Hmmmmm, it kicks off another week. Make it count.

If I manage to clean up the bedroom and do two loads of laundry I consider myself a domestic champion. Baby steps.Talking of which(subtle segway) Wylie is walking..WALKING..everywhere, in his sleep..that means I spend my days in a semi squat..he is my mini bowflex. my personal trainer..maybe my long lost perky derriere is back in sight!!! Its really not.

Have been shooting some more Sophisticates…renamed DESPERADOS..will post a teaser when I can get a clean sound pass.

peace you cuties