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New FaceBook message!

Lena posted this on June 9 and calls it “June 8 Update” – she is so nice to answer to all our questions and writing us messages now and then 🙂

Cyber Ladies and gents .. Celestial beings .. Winged folk ..

Hi ! .. Its been a while .. No exciting excuse .. Though getting a beagle to lose weight is a challenge.. They are the most stubborn creatures on four legs .. Ok ok .. Maybe that’s a mule .. But still .. Weightwatchers for beagles PLEASE ..

I am slowly answering your questions that lori sent .. It’ll take a minute .. But its being tackled .. With more success than the beagle.

Wylie can now say “shoes” and does a beyonce wiggle to be envious of .. THE BEST MOMENTS SO FAR .. That and him sleepily flopping into my arms at the end of the day .. I have to stop myself from yelling I LOVE YOU !! ..

Days are too short but I am not letting Desperados outta my sight either..

Will let you know asap if I’m headed to comicon so ya’ll can come say hey..

Hope you guys have all been bright ..

Thinking of you and sending all good things ….