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Lena tells us about her favorite game at FaceBook

A new post from Lena herself and the admin at her FaceBook, in which she tells us about her favorite game: ‘Fruit Ninja’! You can get it to your iPhone if you search under Apps or just go directly to this page. I just got it myself and I must say it’s pretty addictive 😉

Asked Lena about the Fruit Ninja game. She said:come on,fruit ninja is equally the most frustrating and addictive game,i suck at it,couldn’t even get on the leaders board so i spouted a ridiculous score which they wrote about.Donna, the best costume lady ever is REALLY good at it and keeps asking me how i’m doing…shit is the basically slice fruit(with a sword of choice)that appear bouncing on your screen,avoiding bombs.its really cerebral…ah hem 😉

They also mentions Lena over at the Making of Game of Thrones site where the cast and crew are hooked on the iPhone game Fruit Ninja.

“NOTE: Lena Headey (actor, “Cersei”) claims to hold a score of 4,552, blindfolded, on super-bomb mode. Some of you might find this hard to believe, but I’m not about to argue with Queen Cersei…I value my head too much.”