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Lena talks ‘Game of Thrones’ character hate

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There is no denying that British actress Lena Headey does not play the most likeable of characters in the hit HBO fantasy TV show Game of Thrones. In fact, her character Cersei Lannister is hated so much, by so many, that Lena is constantly abused in the street.

Headey admitted that when she took the role, she knew she would get some stick from disgruntled fans but she did not realise quite how thick skinned she would need to be. Lena explained, “It’s fun to play a character who isn’t trying to be morally good, but people come up to me and say ‘I hate you.’ It’s kind of horrible, I thought I could handle it. I love her, I think she’s misunderstood.”

Lena Headey can be considered lucky though, that her character Cersei was not one of the many characters killed off in the first season of Game of Thrones. So she had better work on her ability to handle the hate, as more is sure to come when Game of Thrones season two hits HBO next April.

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