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Lena answers questions!

Don’t forget to “like” Lena’s FaceBook page and be able to ask Lena questions yourself and read what she answers. She for example explained where her dogs name “Monket” came from:

it was monkey .. .. became monket …

A fan posted a question about Len’as short film The Sophisticates:

Hey Lena, extremly nice to have ‘the real one’ here on facebook. I like the trailer of ‘The Sophisticates‘ very much and would like to see more of you and the other guys. So, how about the project. Woran hapert es? That means: what’s the problem? Is it the filthy lucre? Maybe we can collect the missing millions ;0)
Tak…e care – especially of your eyeballs
Sunny greetings

And Lena made an answer (yesterday) about what’s going on with the short film. I really want this to be a full film and I hope that Lena wil get the chance to make it!

yes yes yes.. dirty filthy money .. that and the fact i have no prior experience directing.. its hard to convince potential investors that you are quite quite capable and up to the task..
so. .. the story so far is this ..
sophisticates is on… the back burner (though i will make it i love the characters too much to allow them to just die ) .. other things are bubbling away.. will keep you posted..
but feel free to send cash ;0