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Lena answered a question

How exciting isn’t this? I posted some questions for Lena at her FaceBook page and she answered just a litle while ago!

My questions:

Some common and perhaps boring questions, but could you mention some of your favorite films, tv series, book authors, books and color? And you mentioned sometime that your favorite directors are Shane Meadows and Pedro Almodovar. Does that mean you really want to work with them?

Her answer:

Yes yes .. I LOVE Shane meadows and almodavar and Scorsese and Ken loach … Magnificent filmakers with such unique and consistantly challenging and interesting works . ….
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a girl can dream

Books .. I always forget …the titles of the ones i love, I find reading the last page of a great book is always a bit sad …
The wind up bird chronicles by Haruki Murakami and Margaret Atwood’s Behind the scenes at the museum are two that spring to mind but I don’t have huge amounts of time to sit and read at the moment …

Without doubt The Sopranos is the most brilliant tv series and of course 30 rock just gets better and better …

And one of the best things about being back in the Uk is catching up on coronation street … My pal writes on the show .. He once sent me a bundle of DVDs with tons of episodes , I don’t think I moved from in front of the tv for a week ..

My film list grows and grows …
Just a few loved ones are … Harold and Maude , let the right one in , high society , whatever happened to baby Jane, this is England , all about my mother …. And so many more ..