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June 24 FaceBook note

Such a cute and funny note from Lena 🙂 And she also tells us that we won’t know about the new project until Christmas, but I’m sure its worth the wait!

This is gonna sound like I live the high life .. My pal took me to the Korean spa today… For those of you who haven’t been .. ITS NOT A LUXURY spa … These strong tiny women scrub you from head to toe until you have tears in your eyes and the skin of a baby mouse … ( baby mouse sounded less weird in my head) …. Anyways it was another treat … Swimming… spa’s …. Anyone would think I didn’t have a job to go to … I DON’T ….. not yet 🙁

Even with the scrubbing it was a throughly enjoyable giggly experience .. When I was standing in the changing rooms with my scraggly hair and red sauna face digging into my locker for my pants …. A lovely lady said ” are you the queen in game of thrones ” …. ” errr yes ” I replied … Standing in my baby mouse skin … HOW DID SHE KNOW !!!! Funny and slightly embarrassing. …

Anyone ELSE who wants to share naked stories … COME ON ITS FRIDAY …

Wishing you a happy/drunk/dirty/peaceful weekend…


Ps. My “” project” will be revealed by christmas … Ah ha !! Patience face bookers ( it’s a shitty virtue I know )