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Info on older projects

IMDb sometimes mixes up information and people post false projects to actors. It can be a bit confusing but I got the “mystery” solved around Lena’s TV Movie The Summer House / Clothes in the Wardrobe, which all of the sudden was listed as a TV Series and under the name Screen Two.

Apparently was Screen Two an “umbrella title” for a series of films made for TV. It ran from 1985 to 1994 on BBC2 in the UK. The Summer House is the US title of the film and we are using it because the only available version of the film is a NTSC VHS. So Clothes in the Wardrobe is the original UK name. You can read more about the movie at our filmography page.

And yet another TV Series has been added to Lena’s IMDb page and it’s called How We Used to Live. She starred in 3 episodes in 1993 and I added it to the TV Series page. The series will be released on DVD at April 4th 2011, so then will we be able to get DVD Captures and video clips. You can view a fansite on the series here as well!


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