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‘Grimm Fairy Tales’

I gathered some information about Lena’s upcoming project Grimm Fairy Tales, much thanks to the great Benjamin Jackendoff. You can read more about it under ‘other work‘. Lena will voice the character Dr. Sela Mathers and will also be a creative producer.

It will be an animated series / film. It will be based on our dark fairy tale adaptations from our Zenescope comic book series and structured like an anthology. Each story will be around 11.5 min and the film will have a super-story wrap-around with all the different art styles we will be incorporating. Each episode will feature a different artist and style.

You can view the behind the scenes/interview video in the video archive and I also added captures to the gallery. If you want to support this great project please go to the official site and read on how to help promote Grimm Fairy Tales – you can for example send some money.

– Voice Work: Grimm Fairy Tales (Online Series)