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Grand Opening of Lena Headey Online

Welcome to Lena Headey Online a new-old fansite dedicated to the wonderful Mrs. Headey.
The site used to be under the domain and was originally opened September 15, 2007 but has now seen the light again in February 18, 2010!

I had to let go of my previous site because of lack of time but as time went on I missed having a project to work on and I really want to do something to support Lena’s career. So I decided to make a detailed tribute to my favorite actress whom’s career I have followed since I was a child and saw The Jungle Book.

The site’s purpose is to keep visitors updated on what’s going on with Lena’s past and current project and give a source with the most multimedia such as photos and videos. I strictly want to keep the site in a way that doesn’t affect Lena’s private life and we do not post any gossip or nonsense journalism on the site.

Last and not least I want to say an enorumous thanks to Tathy for helping me and having so much patience with me and to Frederik for the lovely layout! And to Vale for helping me out with content and news on the site, IMaY Fansite for all the support and of course to Norman for making all the TSCC DVD Captures. <3 I hope you will enjoy your stay and let me know what you think!


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