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‘GoT’ Season 2: Lena and Peter Dinklage get ‘crazy’

I can’t view this video but perhaps you can and there is several new articles on Lena with some new quotes about Game of ThronesDigital Spy (UK), Daily Blam and this one from MTV:

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Don’t get attached to any of your favorite characters in the upcoming second season of “Game of Thrones,” because star Lena Headey warns that “it can be bye-bye any time.”

Her costar Sean Bean found that out the hard way in season one, but Headey teased that her character Cersei is splintering off on a very different path in season two. Westeros’s favorite mad queen is on top of the world after she managed to kill off some of her many enemies in season one, and Headey teased that Cersei’s power hungry tendencies might start to get the better of her.

“It’s intriguing because she’s crazy,” Headey said with a laugh. “Under the whole stoic thing, she’s a little nuts.”

Though Headey, like Bean, has not read all of George R.R. Martin’s books yet — shame on you, “Game of Thrones” stars! — she said she was aware of the journey Cersei takes in “A Clash of Kings.” With her husband King Robert Baratheon and his second-in-command Ned Stark both dead, Cersei gets the fun job of ruling as regent of the Seven Kingdoms until her son Joffrey comes of age. The only hiccup in her plan is that her hated younger brother Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) is now her second-in-command.

“There’s a big arc with Cersei and Tyrion, which is a crazy relationship. They bring out each others’ crazy,” Headey teased.

Apparently there’s a whole bunch of crazy in store for season two. When asked for a snapshot of the upcoming season, Headey said, “I can tell you that season two is even more crazy, more exciting. We’ve all been liberated because people really love the show, so we’ve really gone for it.”