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‘GoT’ quote and ‘Dredd’ articles

The news directly on Lena is a bit slow but there is articles about her upcoming film Dredd almost daily. But they say pretty much the same things so I have nothing to add there. But you can look at a new production still from the film here. But lets hope we will get to see Lena as the villain Ma-Ma soon!

A new quote from Lena about her character Cersei as well:

“She is quite tricky, layered and power mad, smart and political. She has a hard time trusting anyone. There is a definite sense with Cersei that if it will further her game of power she’ll get rid of anyone, it doesn’t matter.”

The site Examiner posted the quote and it’s from the “Inside Game of Thrones Featurette” – view it in the Video Archive.


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  1. It’s what Lena said in one of the longer vids provided by GoT’s production team in the last couple of months; it’s not from an interview with a press person.

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