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‘Game of Thrones’ pilot script scenes

The great Game of Thrones fansite Winter is Coming has posted an article about new scenes in the series that were in the pilot script featuring Lena’s character Cersei.

More new Lannister scenes include a Cersei and Catelyn scene, that surfaced in a casting side. Cersei visits Catelyn at Bran’s bedside, soon after his “fall”, where she reveals that she once lost a child at birth. The child, Cersei describes, had a full head of jet black hair. Cersei mentions that Robert was despondent over the loss of the child. This scene helps set up the central mystery of the first season. “The seed is strong.” Another scene that establishes this mystery is one with Pycelle and Cersei at Jon Arryn’s deathbed, discussing his last words. This scene was written out of the original pilot (all of the above scenes may have been written out by this point, we’re not sure), but there will certainly be at least one scene with Jon Arryn, since they’ve cast the character.