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Game Of Thrones: Lena Headey Spotted Filming Cersei Lannister Naked Scene In Croatia

The Game Of Thrones crew can breathe a sigh of relief as they finally managed to film season five’s pivotal scene, in which Cersei Lannister walks through the streets naked, in Croatia yesterday as Lena Headey was spotted in action and it looks as though it was an intense mission with hundreds of extras and crew members spotted filling the streets of Dubrovnik.

After weeks of anticipation and a ban from the church, Lena, who plays the evil queen regent, and the rest of the Game Of Thrones cast and crew were able to execute the much-awaited scene in which Cersei emerges from a church completely naked and walks through the streets of the city back to the King’s Landing castle.

In a couple of photos posted on fan sites, large groups of people can be seen surrounding a bright pink umbrella which many claim Lena is standing under in the nude although, of course, she’s not exactly visible with the crew going to great lengths to keep it all under wraps. Other shots which have emerged from the day of shooting, features tons of extras flooding the streets and directors giving instructions.

The controversial “walk of shame” scene in question almost didn’t happen as town officials initially refused the GoT team the rights to film at the St. Nicholas church, in accordance with guidelines over sexuality being associated with the church. However, they had a change of heart when they realised how much income and jobs filming the scene would create and that it did, judging by the huge amount of people involved.

Lena has been hard at work on season five and was spotted last week shooting scenes with Callum Wharry who plays her youngest son and the new king, Tommen, and it looks as though tensions are heightened between the pair as they appeared to be having an argument, hinting it won’t exactly be a happy time for the Lannisters with her father, Tywin, now dead and her brother, Tyrion, on the run after killing him.

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