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‘Comicast Webisodes’ caps, videos and summary

Got the video from the ‘Comicast Webisodes’ interview and I just took out the part when Lena is in! I also made captures and you can read my summary below. It was a bit hard to write and I know my English is very bad 😉

– Interviews & TV Appearances: Comicast Webisodes – March 29, 2011

So here is my little summary of the interview!

Lena got asked some questions:
If she could work with any actor, dead or alive, she mentioned that she loved these:
Keith (not sure who she means), Javier Bardem, Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence (think she means her.)

And directors:
She joked and said “Anyone who would work with me!” But otherwise like we know from before she loves all of Pedro Almodóvar films but that she “would have to learn how to speak Spanish first”. She really likes Shane Meadows as well and she has mentioned this before in an interview, when she said that one of her favorite films were This Is England (2006). She also admire the work of Ken Loach and she let us know that she had to turn down a part in one of his films because she was pregnant with her son at that time. I would guess it was either Looking for Eric (2009) or Route Irish (2010).

She was asked When did you know that you wanted to direct? and she said that she has been acting for 20 years and the last 10 years it has grown on her. Its a very big passion for her to direct and she says loves actors and jokes, “compared to ‘some’ directors.” And she also says “Any donations are welcome!” for her projects 😉

What films have really inspired her as an filmmaker or as an actress?
One of Ken Loach earlier movies, Kes (1969) which she saw when she was in school and was very moved by it. It is perhaps her biggest inspiration as a movie.

What is in general inspiring?
She said; movies, people, fashion, photography books (she has a lot) and music.

Bands or music she likes?
She likes so much but that right now is she most of the time listening to children music with her son. She mentions the song “Take me to the park” but I couldn’t find out who made it.

When asked about projects she’s currently working on she obviously mentioned Game of Thrones and tells us a little about it and jokes about “It’s much like the world but more flamboyant costumes.” And that she hopes that fans of the books and people who are not familiar with the books will like it! And she hasn’t read the books but read a bit of them to get to know the story and more about the character. But that she hasn’t have the time to read all of the books.

They talked a bit about The Sophisticates and Lena said that “The idea sort of born a couple of years ago and I wrote it originally as a movie.” She took her own money to shoot it and learned a lot by doing it, what to do and not. And now she has in mind to make it as a TV Series – 5 episodes – 5 minutes per character circa. Because the script is very character driven.

And some exciting news is that Lena and her friend Ben Jackendoff (who interviewed Lena) has a project together and it’s a script Ben wrote as a comic book and Lena got very excited over the story. It has a strong female role and they made a teaser trailer for it. Lena directed it in the desert in California around Christmas time 2010. Read more about it at the ‘Other Projects‘ page and view the trailer in the Video Archive!

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  1. Hmm.. I need to watch the interview again to make sure, but I don’t think Lena and the interviewer were/are friends. Lena mentioned -perhaps jokingly? – that they’d never met and that she was skewed that he kept calling her house 😛

    I also don’t remember it being said that Lena had directed that short trailer for Ben’s “The Wasteland.” I’m pretty sure he said he had directed it himself and was exceedingly proud of that fact. He just said Lena was “excited” when he talked to her about it. There was a part where he talked about her “involvement” in his project, but I have to listen to that section again.

  2. Ah, I stand corrected on Lena directing and co-writing The Wasteland. Weird that they didn’t really spell out her leadership on that project in the interview.

  3. The interview was interrupted all the time because of Skype disconnecting. But Ben Jackendoff and Lena are friends and I got it officially that she did co-write it and direct it 🙂 Which is so exciting!

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