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Guest Appearances
Running Wild with Bear Grylls (2014-) (TV Series)

– 04×03 – Lena Headey – May 21, 2018 … Herself

Actress Lena Headey joins Bear on a 48-hour expedition through the steep cliffs and icy waters of Spain’s Iberian Peninsula. Can she handle the punishing conditions?
“Game of Thrones” star Lena Headey joins Bear on a punishing trek through Spain’s Iberian Peninsula. Bear takes Lena on THE RIDE of her life as they paramotor deep into the remote Spanish wilderness. Continuing on foot, they traverse a towering, razor-thin ridge before an unexpected dead-end forces a harrowing rappel. After securing a dinner of bone marrow from a goat carcass, the two must cross a lake using a makeshift raft as an unexpected storm wreaks havoc. As they battle the elements, Lena grants us exclusive details of life on “Game of Thrones,” her RISE to stardom, and her battle with depression.

RuPaul’s Drag Race (2014-2016) (TV Series)

– Grand Finale (2016) … Herself
– Scream Queens (2014) … Herself – Guest Judge

Sesame Street (2013) (TV Series)

44×05 – Simon Says – September 20, 2013 … Herself


2018 The Flood (executive producer) (post-production)
2009 The Devil’s Wedding (Short) (executive producer)

H Is for Hawk

In an interview with New York Times Magazine in the summer of 2017 she mentions that shes producing this movie as well as starring in it. “H Is for Hawk,” is an adaptation of the Helen Macdonald memoir and it’s getting produced by Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment.

Movie about Grace O’Malley

She also mentioned another project in the New York Times Magazine in the summer of 2017 which is about Grace O’Malley, a female pirate in 16th-century Ireland.

And she says she hopes to create more opportunities for female filmmakers and to do some directing herself.


“My ambition to direct has been fuelled over the last fifteen years, by working alongside great directors. It has also been my film education.”

The Wasteland (2011) (Teaser Trailer)

Lena Headey as: n/a

Benjamin Jackendoff who is a friend of Lena wrote it as a comic book and Lena got excited over the story. It has a strong female role and they shot a little teaser trailer for it in the desert in California around Christmas time 2010. They have a script for it and they will try to make it in to a film. Lena is both director and co-writer on this project. Benjamin and Lena also worked together on the Grimm Fairy Tales.

“I will show you fear in a handful of dust.”
‘The Waste Land’ by T.S. Eliot 1922


Desperados/The Sophisticates (2008-2011) (Trailer/Short Film/TV Series)
Lena Headey as: n/a

Lena did her directing debute on this trailer/short film and she has been trying to make it a full film for quiet a while. But in 2011 she told us she is making it in to a TV Series with cirka 5 episodes, one per character. She also told us she has changed the name to Desperados In the trailer for it she starred in it as well but we will see if she will be in the series too. You can read more about it on it’s information page, listed under short films.


Online Projects
In Satan’s Closet (2010) (Trailer)

Lena Headey as: Holly
Published: September 22, 2010

This is the second online trailer Lena has done, for a movie which never is going to be made by Stacie Ponder. It’s 9 minutes long and it’s about Satan and how bad things can happen to people when you “worship” him Lena plays what we think is a shrink and she does the part it in a very scary way. She also has some scenes where she’s attacked by a spider.

In Satan’s Closet is a trailer which Lena stars in alongside friend Thomas Dekker who has starred in several projects with Lena. Other casted actors are, Shannon Lark, Heidi Martinuzzi, Anthony Fitzgerald and best of all you see Lena’s husband Pete Loughran. We think it’s his acting debut!

This is also a spoof of the horror genre and it was made just for fun! And like Lena describes it herself:

Last year, for a giggle, there’s no malice in it no deep intent. I can never say no to Stacie cause she’s really good fun and there is no limit to the goof level.


Deadly Dress 4: Never A Bride (2009) (Trailer)

Lena Headey as: n/a
Published: May 20, 2009

This 9 minutes long trailer presents a (never-to-be made) movie about Bridget MC Manus’ character who’s about to get married but having a a problem with the dress she chose, apparently it’s cursed and starts killing people. Lena plays one of Bridget’s friends and probably ends up being one of the victims of the cursed dress…

Deadly Dress 4 is a fun trailer which Lena took part in alongside friend Bobbi Sue Luther who also guest starred in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008-2009) and had the main part in the film Laid to Rest (2009). The other cast includes, AfterEllen’s “Brunch with Bridget’s” presenter Bridget McManus, Elissa Dowling, Heidi Martinuzzi and a cameo from Karman Kregloe.

It’s a spoof of an horror movie on a very low budget, but quite fun to watch! You can also see one of Lena’s dog in it and unfortunly didn’t the dog make it in the film.


Ghostella’s Haunted Tomb (2008) (TV Series)

Lena Headey as: Ambrosia
Episode: “Top Friends” (1.10) – Aired: November 13, 2008
Published: November 13, 2008

Broadcasting from her garage, horror hostess-wannabe Ghostella presents the very best in B-Grade lesbian fright flicks.

This is another project for the AfterEllen website and Lena’s friend Stacie Ponder who directed the episode. Ghostella’s Haunted Tomb is an online series and Lena stars in the series finale titled “Top Friends” where Lena plays a psycho roommate to Bridget McManus character.


Music Videos

× “ill Ray: the King” by Kasabian (2017) released in August 30, 2017.

× “Open Skies” by von Reamonn – Was in the DVD extras for The Red Baron (2008) and some movie scenes was used in it.

× “Alter Bridge” by Rise Today

× “Bellissimo” by Ilya – The short film Round About Five (2001) was used for it.

× “Mean to Me” by Tonic – Was in the DVD extras for Gossip (2000) and some movie scenes was used in it.


× “Vietnam: The Musical” at the Royal National Theatre – and it was because of this play that Lena got her very first role, in Waterland (1992).

Stage Work

× Being inside ‘The Coca-Cola Dragon’ at a Theatre Challenge.


× Sings the song “Could It Be Love?” orchestrated by The Michael Nyman Band together with Dylan Moran in the movie The Actors (2003). View video here!

× Sings the song “Gelder Rose in Bloom” written by Isaak Dunayevsky and Julian Hope together with Toby Stephens in the movie Onegin (1999). View video here!