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Biography updated

Thanks to my wonderful friend Riikka who helped me with updating our site exclusive biography!

British actress Lena Headey was born October 3, 1973 in Bermuda, where her father, a Yorkshire police cadet, was sent shortly before she was born. Lena was raised in the beautiful Bermuda until locating to Huddersfield, West Yorkshire in England at the age of five. She later on she moved to London, which has been her home city ever since. Headey originally intended to be a hairdresser but fate intervened…

At the age of 17, Headey’s performance in a one-off show in the company of six school friends caught the attention of a Hollywood casting agent. Subsequently, Headey was cast as young Mary in Waterland (1992), which became her big-screen debut. A natural talent even at such a young age, Lena took archery classes, horse training and practiced boxing while filming. Her turn as the sexually adventurous schoolgirl led to her being cast in Merchant Ivory’s The Remains of the Day (1993). Lena also made appearances in the lesser-seen film Century (1993) and appeared in several episodes of Spender and Soldier Soldier in 1993.

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