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Ask Lena a question!

This is your golden opportunity to get the chance to ask Lena a question. The great IMAY Fansite will put up a Q&A with Lena so just go ahead and mail the webmaster whatever you want to ask!

Remember to respect her privacy and try not ask too private things, lets focus on her career and stuff like her favorite things 🙂


8 Comments on “Ask Lena a question!”

  1. hi this is great but i cant get in the webmaster or the IMAY fansite it was all blocked
    do you have another way to send my question

  2. yes when i go to the webmaster here i get http 404 not found. And when i go to the IMAY fansite i get and press i get could not preform this operation becouse the default mail client is not properly installed.
    I dont know why
    pleas help

  3. I’m not sure what you mean. You cant mail her or you cant visit the site? Just right click on the link and take copy and you will get the e-mail if you don’t have Outlook or so installed.

  4. i can visit both sites but when i press on the quistion bottun i cant enter.
    there isn’t that far betwen denmark and sweden.
    what date is the questions last to
    do you not have another way to do it

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