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‘The Jungle Book’ video clips

Four video clips as usual and this time from The Jungle Book! We now have over 500 videos in the archive and I still have some movies to make clips from. About this film in general, I really think it’s bad to use animals like they do in this film, I didn’t think so much about it as a child but now I certainly noticed it… But Lena is cute and plays her part as Kitty well ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. How is bad how they use animals in the movie? The whole thing was about showing respect to them, about how killing to survive is the only justified reason. They portrayed animals as what’s beautiful in the world and how destructive mankind can be. How is that bad?

  2. Well I meant that to use wild animals or animals in general in movies isn’t a good thing. Like that Disney film with the 101 Dalmatians (IMDb) where several puppies died. I don’t think wild animals should be on the set’s of movies or kept in cages in general. But sure its a good thing that they show, what you described “how destructive mankind can be” etc. I agree on that!

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