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‘The Cave’ DVD Captures and videos

The Cave might not be our favorite film with Lena, haha – but it has both Piper Perabo and Lena and I think that makes it worth seeing! My wonderful friend Stef made me captures from the film and I also got my hands on the German DVD version so I could get the rare extras. Thanks to Dominik for helping me getting the DVD! Anyways read more about the film on it’s information page and enjoy the caps and clips!

A quote from Lena about the film:

“No. No injuries. It was just hysterical. It’s good to kind of try everything. And, you know, to be chased by a guy in tights wearing a monster head is something I’d never imagined I would be doing in Eastern Europe. And that was just a man I had met… in Bucharest.”

The Cave: DVD Captures