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Site is back with original owner

So the site is back with me, who originally opened the site back in 2007! Back in 2013 I didn’t have as much time any longer for the site and I had to let someone take over it. During these years several people has run the site and I have always kept visiting to get the lastest news on Lena’s career. I want to say thanks to all webmasters who helped keeping the site online during the years and for taking care of it.

I always missed the site and I’ve tried to get it back several times and now finally when the site has been online for 10 years it happened. πŸ™‚

I’ve been working on getting all my content back up and I will continue to add and update a lot of it. I will also focus on getting screencaptures of all the episodes of Game of Thrones that we are lacking.

Thanks as well to my friend Kaci for the lovely header!

Thank you for visiting and the site will be updated much more now!