Space Girls

Character: T.R.U.D.I.
Original Release: May 31, 2010 (US)
Running Time: 01:39 minutes

This a 4 minute long episode of Space Girls, an idea of Stacie Ponder, a sort of series, in which the characters are played by dolls! Of course it’s made for fun and Lena is featured in the second episode, where the girls are threatened by a giant cat, which they eventually defeat. Lena gives her voice to T.R.U.D.I. the spaceship itself and you can hear her voice at the 3:27 mark!

The online series is set in the future and Space Girls is about... well, it’s about girls in space. They shoot ray guns, they fight big monsters, and they fly around in rocket ships.

Cast & Characters

Stacie Ponder

Episode Guide
1x02 - "Escape!" (original airdate: May 31, 2010)
The Raptor is under attack from That Thing and the Space Girls race against time for their very lives!