Ghostella’s Haunted Tomb

Character: Ambrosia
Original Release: November 13, 2008 (US)
Directed by: Stacie Ponder
Written by: Stacie Ponder
Produced by: Stacie Ponder’s had several Web Series and Ghostella's Haunted Tomb was a horror-themed series, created by Stacie Ponder who used to do freelance writing for under the name Final Girl.

Stacie Ponder is friends with Lena Headey and they met when Lena was interviewed by and they did several small projects for fun together. This episode was the series finale titled "Top Friends" where Lena plays a psycho roommate to Bridget McManus character.

The series was hosted each week by self-proclaimed horror expert and wannabe TV star Ghostella (played by Heidi Martinuzzi), and each episode was a self-contained horror story with different themes, actors, and settings.

Cast & Characters

Heidi Martinuzzi, Stacie Ponder, Bridget McManus, Dara Nai (cameo)

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Episode Guide
1x10 - "Top Friends" (original airdate: November 13, 2008)
Bridget McManus character is looking for a roommate to share her apartment with and ends up with Ambrosia who ends up being a real psycho nightmare.