St. Trinian’s

Character: Miss Dickinson
Original Release: December 10, 2007 (UK)
Directed by: Oliver Parker, Barnaby Thompson
Written by: Piers Ashworth, Jamie Minoprio, Nick Moorcroft, Ronald Searle, Jonathan M. Stern
Produced by: Oliver Parker, Barnaby Thompson
Running Time: 97 minutes
Box Office: $29,830,239 (Worldwide)

St Trinians proudly continues to represent the unacceptable face of British education. When the new Minister of Education announces he will personally sort the place out he doesn't realise either the enormity of the task or that the headmistress is an old flame.

The school is anyway threatened with closure by their bank; with the staff clearly a waste of space the girls realise the responsibility to save the day falls on them. Perhaps ripping off the girl with the pearl earring (a painting by Johannes Vermeer) might be the way out?

Cast & Characters

Talulah Riley (Annabelle Fritton), Rupert Everett (Carnaby Fritton / Camilla Fritton), Jodie Whittaker (Beverly), Gemma Arterton (Kelly), Kathryn Drysdale (Taylor), Juno Temple (Celia), Antonia Bernath (Chloe), Amara Karan (Peaches), Tamsin Egerton (Chelsea), Lily Cole (Polly), Paloma Faith (Andrea), Holly Mackie (Tara), Cloe Mackie (Tania), Celia Imrie (Matron), Fenella Woolgar (Miss Cleaver), Theo Cross (Art Teacher), Russell Brand (Flash), Tereza Srbova (Anoushka), Toby Jones (Bursar), Caterina Murino (Miss Maupassant), Colin Firth (Geoffrey Thwaites), Lucy Punch (Verity Thwaites), Anna Chancellor (Miss Bagstock), Millie Foster (Saffron), Mischa Barton (JJ French), Stephen Fry (Stephen Fry)

Photo Gallery
Filming Dates: March 26, 2007 -
Filming Locations:
  • Park Place, Remenham, Berkshire, England, UK (St. Trinian's school)
  • London, England, UK
  • Oxfordshire, England, UK
  • National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, St James's, London, England, UK (exteriors, The National Gallery)
  • Trafalgar Square, St James's, London, England, UK
  • Ealing Studios, Ealing, London, England, UK
  • Lena Headey starred in the movie Imagine Me & You (2005) together with Celia Imrie as well.
  • The concept and name for St Trinian's was originally taken by Ronald Searle from St Trinnean's school in Edinburgh, which was established by Miss C. Fraser Lee and opened on 4 October 1922 with sixty girls, at 10 Palmerston Road. The school has since closed down, and is now Edinburgh University's Pollock Halls (of Residence). The school's existence became widely known when it advertised a reunion coffee party for old girls in The Scotsman in September 1955. By this time the fictional school was very well-known; the typesetter incorrectly used Searle's spelling in the advertisement. In an interview with the "Sunday Express" the headmistress firmly denied that her girls were anything like their fictional counterparts.
  • Jodie Whittaker and Lena Headey went to the same high school, Shelley High School and Sixth Form Centre.

Different Versions
  1. Original Version - 97 minutes
  2. German Version - 100 minutes

Memorable Quotes

Miss Dickinson: I've been watching you, you little madam. With your girlish wiles and your saucy ways, and now, it seems, your criminal cunning. You know what you are, don't you?
Chelsea: A washed-up slapper.
Miss Dickinson: Smart. Smarter than you think.
Chelsea: I am?
Miss Dickinson: And smart is cool.
Chelsea: It is?
Miss Dickinson: Yes. And very, very sexy.

Awards & Nominations

Empire Award as Best Newcomer - Gemma Arterton
National Movie Award for Best Comedy
National Movie Award as Best Performance - Male - Rupert Everett
National Movie Award as Best Performance - Female - Gemma Arterton