The Actors

Character: Dolores
Original Release: May 15, 2003 (Cannes Film Festival, France)
Directed by: Conor McPherson
Written by: Neil Jordan, Conor McPherson
Produced by: Neil Jordan, Redmond Morris, Stephen Woolley
Running Time: 91 minutes
Box Office: £226,860 (UK)

Anthony O'Malley is a vain and ageing classically trained actor who laments the fading of his 'glorious past', when he made a decent living from voiceovers and American TV. O'Malley prouds himself on being the self styled mentor to Tom, a young and aspiring thespian whose career is going nowhere more exciting than failing a humiliating audition for a bad sausage ad. Stuck in a rut and earning a pittance in an hilariously misconceived Dublin production of Shakespeare's Richard III, the pair plan to swindle some loot from a gormless criminal by posing as a gangster hood.

But what should have been a simple one stop trip to easy cash turns into a spiral of cover ups which see Tom, with the help of his niece Mary, having to adopt more and more characters to prevent his cover being blown. And then if things weren't bad enough, Tom falls for the beautiful daughter of their victim and the real London gangster turns up on the scene.

Cast & Characters

Michael Caine (Anthony O'Malley), Dylan Moran (Tom Quirk), Michael Gambon (Barreller), Miranda Richardson (Mrs. Magnani), Michael McElhatton (Jock), Aisling O'Sullivan (Rita), Ben Miller (Clive), Abigail Iversen (Mary), Simon Delaney (Ronnie), Alvaro Lucchesi (Lesley)

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Filming Locations:
  • Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
  • Humewood Castle, Kiltegan, County Wicklow, Ireland
  • Talbot Place, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
  • Lena Headey starred in the mini series Merlin (1998) and in the movie Century (1993) together with Miranda Richardson as well.
  • Notoious prankster Simon Delaney frequently made phonecalls to the producers, impersonating Michael Caine, telling them how much he loved working with director Conor McPherson. It wasn't until the premiere screening that many of the production staff discovered that the phonecalls weren't made by Michael himself.
  • Lena Headey sings the song "Could It Be Love?" orchestrated by The Michael Nyman Band together with Dylan Moran.

Quotes from Cast & Crew

"I did it because I knew it would be a great crack and because I wanted to work with Michael Caine, Dylan Moran and Michael Gambon, who was a lunatic."
- Lena Headey

"The female was well represented, for once. And she keeps her clothes on, which is a miracle. I got the script and thought it was funny."
- Lena Headey

Awards & Nominations

Irish Film and Television Award - Audience Award Best Irish Film
Irish Film and Television Award for Best Irish Film
Irish Film and Television Award for Best Script - Conor McPherson
Irish Film and Television Award for Best Editing