Character: Connie
Original Release: September 3, 1997 (Venice Film Festival, France)
Directed by: Antonia Bird
Written by: Ronan Bennett
Produced by: David M. Thompson
Running Time: 105 minutes

Ray is an aging ex-socialist who has become a bankrobber after seeing the demise of socialism in 1980s Britain. Teaming up with a gang of other has-beenish crims, he commits one bank job too many. The gang dissolves in a murderous flurry of recriminations.

Cast & Characters

Robert Carlyle (Ray), Ray Winstone (Dave), Steve Sweeney (Weasel), Gerry Conlon (Vince), Leon Black (Robbie), David Boateng (Lionel), Eddie Nestor (Pearse), Steven Waddington (Stevie), Christine Tremarco (Sarah), Andrew Tiernan (Chris), Sue Johnston (Alice), Damon Albarn (Jason), Phil Davis (Julian), Hazel Douglas (Linda), Arthur Whybrow (Bill), Kevin T. Walsh (John), Peter Vaughan (Sonny), Elaine Lordan (Sally), Natalie Morse (Michelle), Kim Taylforth (Blondie)

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Filming Locations:
  • Court Street, Whitechapel, London, England, UK
  • Footbridge over the railwaylines between Cheshire Street and Pedley Street, Bethnal Green, London, England, UK
  • Bancroft Road, Mile End, London, England, UK
  • Wightman Road, Harringay, London, England, UK
  • Lena Headey starred in the movie Imagine Me & You (2005) together with Sue Johnston as well.
  • Lena Headey starred in the movie Ripley's Game (2002) together with Ray Winstone as well.
  • Lena Headey starred in the movie The Parole Officer (2001) together with Steven Waddington as well.
  • The character Vince, who at the start of the film is the drug dealer robbed by Ray and Dave, is played by Gerry Conlon (b 1 March 1954; d 21 June 2014) who - in real life - was one of the 'Guildford Four' wrongly convicted of the 1974 IRA bombing of two pubs in the English town of Guildford.
  • Gerry Conlon spent more than a decade in prison before the convictions of all of the four were overturned and they were released. His experience is portrayed in the film 'In the Name of the Father', where he himself was played by Daniel Day-Lewis.

Awards & Nominations

Cognac Festival du Film Policier - Critics Award - Antonia Bird
Cognac Festival du Film Policier - Grand Prix - Antonia Bird