With the premiere of the fifth season of Game of Thrones, a lot of digital newspapers and TV/Film bloggers have begun with their reviews.

Obviously I won’t post all of them, just the ones coming from ‘serious’ sources. Here’s one from The Independent – Lena’s part is at the end of the review.

If you’ve spent the last 300 days in a state of starvation waiting for HBO to satisfy you with a juicy serving of Lannister drama then sadly you might still have a hole in your stomach.

Season 5 started promisingly (and predictably) enough with an horrendous throat slitting, a burning alive and a glimpse or two of bare boobies.

But while the threads that intertwined so dramatically at the end of last season continue to weave their merry way through George RR Martin’s fantasy land of Westeros, proceedings seem so brief as to leave one wanting.

The show suffers from its own appeal, being so good as to create an appetite in its viewers that is difficult to sate in a ten episode series. And with more players than your average primary school to give airtime to, it’s no wonder matters feel rather rushed.

The season premiere opens with a curveball creators David Benioff and DB Weiss haven’t thrown at us before: a flashback. The shadowy glimpse of a childish Cersei threatening a cave-dwelling witch with having her eyes gouged out in return for a prophecy foretelling the demise of her three children (all of whom will be monarchs, she reveals) is an interesting, if not exactly earth shattering, insight into her twisted nature.
After this matters kick off where we left them with Twyin Lannister (Charles Dance’s evil twinkle will be badly missed) having been removed from the privy where his son dispatched him with a crossbow and laid out for the lords and ladies of the seven kingdoms gathering for his state funeral.

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Last season on HBO’s epic fantasy series “Game of Thrones,” the cunning Queen Regent of the Seven Kingdoms watched her sadistic son and the apple of her eye, King Joffrey, die at his own wedding. His murder created new strain in her, shall we say, complicated incestuous relationship with twin brother Jaime, as did her politically motivated engagement to Loras Tyrell, who happens to be gay. To top it all off, her father, Tywin, was murdered — while on the toilet, no less — by her younger brother, Tyrion.

With her mild-mannered youngest son Tommen now installed as king, Cersei is now more powerful than ever. Actress Lena Headey has turned Cersei, a character who in lesser hands might be a campy villainess, into a surprisingly sympathetic figure — at least for a woman known for ordering the murder of beloved pet wolves and indulging the whims of her psychopathic offspring.

Forty-one-year-old Headey, who was honored with an Emmy nomination last year, spoke with The Times this week about Cersei’s annus horribilis and the season ahead.

As a performer, how do you relate to someone who can be so cruel?

The great thing about these characters is they are all, except for the White Walkers, living flesh and blood — people who have been really damaged by family relationships, by upbringing, by societal restraint, by all that good stuff. There doesn’t seem to be a functional family in Westeros. I just move forward with [Cersei] in the way of somebody who had a really [bad] childhood. Like most of us who become parents, we don’t want to retread a past that didn’t work and she’s trying really hard not to do that.

What drove Cersei to confess her relationship with her brother Jaime to her father, Tywin, in the Season 4 finale?

I think the death of Joffrey made her a little less controlled. She’s always been afraid of her father — I think that’s held her back. I think she was genuinely at a moment where she thought, “You know what … you old bastard. I’m going to let you have it.”

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I added the scans of this month’s TV Guide Magazine which features Cercei and Jamie. Remember ‘Game of Thrones’ will premiere on April 12th.

Gallery Link:
Magazine Scans > Scans From 2015 > TV Guide Magazine – April 2015


Here’s the video interview done during the cover shoot of this month’s TV Guide magazine (which I will upload later on)


It’s Lena Headey’s birthday, and she’s spending it in total emotional turmoil, shooting a grueling top-secret scene from the upcoming fifth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. We’re in Dubrovnik’s historic Old Town district, where the tourists (and, HBO suspects, a few sneaky paparazzi) are jockeying for vantage points on the city’s high stone walls to get a look down at the pivotal moment. Crew members erect a large screen to hide Headey from all the watchers on the wall.

Headey gives the performance seemingly everything she has, trying to make sure she delivers what the director needs the first or second time—or else, she explains later, her performance begins to feel artificial. “It’s that weird thing of being an actor,” she says. “I can maybe do two or three scenes if I’m”—she suddenly pretends to wail, then snaps back to her typical cool composure—”and then my truth is finished. I f–king hate ‘lying’ in a scene.”

Later, she’s cheered by a couple visitors: Peter Dinklage and Conleth Hill, two of her favorite scene partners who have come to wish her a happy birthday on their day off. This season, Headey and Dinklage, longtime friends from before Thrones came along, are disappointed that they don’t get to work together; her character, Cersei, remains in Westeros, while Dinklage’s Tyrion is now traveling the continent of Essos.

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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies comes to theaters February 19th, 2016 s is based on Seth Grahame-Smith’s novel of the same name. The story takes the characters from Jane Austen’s literary classic Pride and Prejudice and puts them up against a zombie infestation in 19th Century England. Burr Steers directed the adaptation, which stars Lily James, Sam Riley, Bella Heathcote, Jack Huston, Douglas Booth, Emma Greenwell, Matt Smith, Lena Headey and Charles Dance.