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The site used to be under the domain lenaheadeysource.com and was originally opened September 15, 2007 but has now seen the light again in February 18, 2010!

I had to let go of my previous site because of lack of time but as time went on I missed having a project to work on and I really want to do something to support Lena’s career. So I decided to make a detailed tribute to my favorite actress whom’s career I have followed since I was a child and saw The Jungle Book.

The site’s purpose is to keep visitors updated on what’s going on with Lena’s past and current project and give a source with the most multimedia such as photos and videos. I strictly want to keep the site in a way that doesn’t affect Lena’s private life and we do not post any gossip or nonsense journalism on the site.

Last and not least I want to say an enorumous thanks to Tathy for helping me and having so much patience with me and to Frederik for the lovely layout! And to Vale for helping me out with content and news on the site, IMaY Fansite for all the support and of course to Norman for making all the TSCC DVD Captures. <3 I hope you will enjoy your stay and let me know what you think!


There are some news on the auction for the rights to the Terminator franchise. We’re not sure how much this has to do with Lena herself right now, as she’s now involved in a new tv project, but anyway the rights to the Terminator franchise, including the tv series, have been bought by Pacificor, as Deadline Hollywood reports, you can read the full article here.

What this means for TSCC and whether it could be brought back to tv or if a direct-to-dvd movie will be made to give it a proper conclusion is still unclear… so as always let’s just wait and see! In later news we also learned that Sony and Lionsgate are trying to get a deal with Pacificor to be involved in the making of the future Terminator movies, read more on The Los Angeles Times.

If you feel like voting and supporting TSCC you can go over to the SciFi Squad website and suggest that they bring back the tv series!


Linda Hamilton who originally played Sarah Connor in the first two Terminator movies mentions Lena in an interview:

She was very good, very good. I know how difficult it is to step into someone’s shoes, or to fill someone’s shoes. I would never want to be the standard. I guess it’s great that I’m the standard, but each one of us has our own special gifts that we can bring to a part. She wasn’t trying to be Linda Hamilton, she was trying to play Sarah Connor. Her version is just as valid as mine.


Jan 28, 10
By Maria

According to IMaY Fansite has Lena and her husband Pet’s dog Tanner passed on. So all our condolences to the couple and hope they are alright. <3


Network programming chief Michael Lombardo says the dailies look ‘fantastic’

HBO’s dailies for the fantasy pilot “Game of Thrones” look “fantastic,” and the project is ripe for a series pickup, according to the network’s programming chief Michael Lombardo.

Executives are “sitting on pins and needles” waiting to view a rough cut in two weeks, Lombardo said. If the pilot is greenlit, “Game of Thrones” should hit HBO in March or April of 2011, and would span a novel’s worth of material per season.

Principal photography began in late October in Northern Ireland and wrapped up in Morocco in November. HBO reportedly spent between $5 million and $10 million on the pilot. Now they are apparently looking into booking two hangars at the Northern Ireland Paint Hall filming site for the next five years.

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It seems like Lena’s latest project, the pilot for the series Game of Thrones, might just be one of this year’s most anticipated projects  not only by the fans of the books series, but also by tv critics. The Winter is Coming Blog and the Game of Thrones website report a number of articles where the series is mentioned. Here’s a list of them with the relevant parts. Check them out!

Let’s start with MSN Canada that mentions Lena as the big-name actor with the lead role in the pilot:

There are already two blogs devoted to following the casting and Northern Ireland location shoot of this series’ pilot episode, which HBO hasn’t yet confirmed will air. The reason for the feverish fan interest? The series is an adaptation of the first novel in George R.R. Martin’s beloved fantasy series that uses knights, tournaments, creatures and icy locations in the service of telling human stories where villains aren’t always the bad guys and where the honourable solution isn’t always the best one in the long run. (Thanks to Time Magazine and the Chicago Tribune for these observations.) Lena Headey from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles will play a royal woman who’s as cunning as the men around her. Peter Dinklage, Sean Bean, Jennifer Ehle and Mark Addy costar. With any luck, HBO will green light enough games to take us through all the novels in Martin’s saga.

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