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‘Supported Causes’ photos

Made captures and collected photos from all of Lena's supported causes projects. We are working on writing about them all and the site will come up shortly! If we have missed any of her charity work - be sure...
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‘Red Baron’ trailer Captures and more

In 2008 did Lena make the film The Red Baron and it was filmed in English but there is a version dubbed in German. It's now limited released in theatres in the US and you can see where it's...
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‘Tell-Tale’ trailer Captures

Our first gallery update since the opening! I'm working on the video archive and I'm going movie related videos. So I made captures from the two trailers I found for the film, Tell-Tale. I'm sorry that the quality isn't...
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Grand Opening of Lena Headey Online

Welcome to Lena Headey Online a new-old fansite dedicated to the wonderful Mrs. Headey. The site used to be under the domain and was originally opened September 15, 2007 but has now seen the light again in February...
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‘Terminator’ rights acquired by Pacificor

There are some news on the auction for the rights to the Terminator franchise. We're notΒ sure how much this has to do with Lena herself right now,Β as she's now involved in a new tv project, but anyway the rights...
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Linda Hamilton talks about Lena

Linda Hamilton who originally played Sarah Connor in the first two Terminator movies mentions Lena in an interview: She was very good, very good. I know how difficult it is to step into someone's shoes, or to fill someone's...
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According to IMaY Fansite has Lena and her husband Pet's dog Tanner passed on. So all our condolences to the couple and hope they are alright.