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New post from Lena on FaceBook

Some hours ago Lena posted a longer note on her FaceBook wall and it’s something on her upcoming film Dredd and how she misses London. And best of all some wise words for us <3

yo !! facebookers … sorry i have been MIA …

South Africa was beautiful and complicated as all interesting places are .

Had an absolute ball on Judge Dredd , playing someone is is broken and damaged , who’s heart beats with rage and loss.

On the flip side my heart beats with all consuming love for my son who is the greatest teacher i have ever had.

spent last night with great girlfriends, it was fantastic .. I love LA and all its weirdness BUT i miss the wonderful women in London.

hoping wherever you are whatever you are doing whomever you are with that you laugh hard at somepoint … even if things are shit.. it will pass..

happy sunday ya’ll



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