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New interview by “The Independent”

A new interview with Lena, read it in our press archive!

Actress Lena Headey spoke to Neela Debnath at the recent autograph convention Collectormania about working on ‘Game of Thrones’, nudity and getting recognised by fans.

I find myself at the front of the queue to meet Lena Headey, one of the stars of HBO’s medieval fantasy series Game of Thrones. She is at the autograph convention, Collectormania in Milton Keynes to meet fans and sign memorabilia.

Unlike the other people in the line, I’m here to interview her and in order to do so I have to hold up the queue. I can feel a hundred pairs of eyes boring into the back of my skull as I pull out my dictaphone. If I take too long I may end up getting my head taken off with an axe or a sword.