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New FaceBook post!

New FaceBook post from Lena posted yesterday, August 27! And this means Lena will attend the Emmys ๐Ÿ™‚

Folks .. Believe it or not have been without Internet access for 3 weeks .. Also my computer has grown a lump in it’s keyboard .. Nuff said ..

I am writing on my phone pressed up against the mac stores exterior wall.

Filming is going great.. Lots of fun scenes .. Lots of interesting new characters .. Wish I could say more but the results of that are too frightening ..Belfast is raining and then scorching and then raining and high winds combo .. This is all in a day of course .. Fish and chips here though are f&$;ing DELICIOUS Hollywood lifestyle has never really happened .. Even in hollywood .. Oops..

I am off to the Emmys !!! Most of the cast is going so should be a hoot and of course our lovely Pete Dinklage is nominated … Found a wonderful dress .. Grace kelly meets tim burton .. I can’t do shiny and booby and glossy .. Am VERY excited to frock up

Hope you are all well .. Please forgive my lack of contact..

Peace and happiness my friends