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A new message on FaceBook from Lena:

Ok .. I’m late I know… Clearly my resolution for punctuality and organization is already on the list again for next year …
So. A very prosperous and healthy 2012 ( I seem to remember buck rogers mentioning 2012 way back when 2012 seemed like the craziest space age notion i ever heard) to you good fellas ..
Don’t the last few years feel to have been full of change and challenge .. ? Don’t they ??!…. No ? Just me then ..
Well. 2012 WILL be a faboosh year for all of us.
Home ( the uk) was a festive delight. My mum cooked up a storm and I ate the storm with relish. I devoured so much cheap and wonderful sugary chocolate that I felt sick but happy.
My dad is S L O W L Y getting used to the iPad.
It was nice to wear a sweater and boots and a coat .. I love me some layering. I don’t wanna moan about constant sun .. BUT .. SOMETIMES IT’S REALLY BLOODY DULL .. Sometimes a windy rainy day is a all you want .. To curl up in front of the tv and hear rain thundering on the roof … Told ya .. It’s the simple things.
Folks ..
Acceptance (this is the tricky one)
All love