Lenas collection of tattoos spans from around 16 pieces, depending on how you count now that several has been removed, covered and additions has been made. Here are them all with all the facts we have been able to gather on when they were done, by who, the meaning behind them and different versions.

“I personally love them. I find them charming and I feel that they’re part of me. A lot of people don’t like them, especially in the industry, but everybody has them now. I tell you, if you could find the perfect chemistry for covering up a tattoo, you’d be a billionaire.”

“I like them all really. I’ve just had my back piece finished and I love that. It’s a big piece on my back with peonies and swallows. It’s got a lot of movement in it, and it’s just something I’d always wanted to do. It goes from my lower back, it sort of curls around my womanly shapes, and then it just comes up around my shoulder.”

“Yes the lotus tattoo is Tibetan . …. Always seeking to find some place of self acceptance … Ha!! Our lifelong journey … It’s a fucking struggle .. But an interesting journey.I actually enjoy getting tattooed. Without sounding like a cheese ball .. I have found a state of peace unlike any other during a 7 hour session.”

“Having the tattoo itself is not really for the end result for me. I like having them done.”

Right Arm
Unknown sign or word
Position: Upper right arm. Now removed.
Unknown sign or word, seen in 1993/1994 when Lena was promoting The Jungle Book (1994). But it seems to be before she met Jason Flemyng or when the two recently met and I think she had this one at first.
Jason tattooed in Thai script
Got her then boyfriend’s name, Jason tattooed in Thai script on her arm and it stayed there until they ended dating in 2001. Now removed.
Butterflies and flowers Now removed.
A butterfly and some small flowers to cover the previous Jason tattoo.
Got some more flowers and small signs added around the tattoo.
Hindu god Ganesh
Lena started to cover up the flowers in October 2017 by tattoo artist Chris Lamber and seems like her new tattoo is of the Hindu god Ganesh.

And in July 2019 we got to see the finished version of the Ganesh tattoo.
Left Arm
A small heart that seems to have some word inside and beside it.
Left wrist
Position: Lower left wrist. Now removed.
When Lena was married to singer Peter Paul Loughran she tattoed his last name to her left wrist in an italic font. And she kept it a while even after the divorce, perhaps because her son Wylie’s last name is Loughran as well.
Position: Lower left wrist.
Covers up the tattoo “Loughran”.
Position: Lower left wrist.
She tattooed some small birds on her left wrist and seems to have been adding more birds as well as making on of them bigger with time. Might be connected to the birdcage that is on her right lower arm.
Position: Lower left wrist.
Her sons name Wylie surrounded by the birds on her wrist.
Lower arms
Position: Both lower arms.
Got two small black stars inside of each her lower arms which she has said are for “protection”.
Right lower arm

Position: Lower back arm.
A birdcage that might be connected to the birds that she has on her left wrist.

Lotus flower
Position: Upper back.
A lotus flower on her upper back and it’s a symbolically important design in the East. It symbolizes rebirth, all that is true, good and beautiful, good fortune, peace and enlightenment.
A bird and several flowers
Position: Whole back.
In 2008 we could see that Lena had gotten more tattoos on her back and as you can see it’s a bird and some flowers that surrounds the lotus flower. When interviewed at the ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ in September 12, 2008 she said; “I always wanted one and I rewarded myself after a job, it’s a strange reward… I know.” about having big tattoos on her back.
Position: Lower back. Now removed.
This is a tribal piece on Lena’s lower back and it’s visible in Imagine Me & You (2005).
More flowers
Position: Lower back.
When Lena got photographed for the magazine ‘Statement – December 2008’ we got to see her whole back including the lower parts and it reveals even more tattooed flowers, which Lena has said is ‘peonies and swallows’. These new flowers probably covers the tribal piece Lena had there before.

Right foot
Flowers & Ribbons
Position: Whole back.
Some kind of flowers on her right foot with a little ribbon on it.