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Lena does cameo in Julia Davis’ genius comedy “Sally4Ever”

Lena has done a cameo role in the TV Series Sally4Ever and a clip of Lena on set of the show has been released as well. This will for sure be a treat to watch, because obviously it has Lena in it but it was created, written and starring the amazing Julia Davis.

Game of Thrones’ Lena Headey is about to star in Julia Davis’ Sally4Ever, and if ever there were two idols of the small screen that needed to come together, it’s this pair. At this point, Sally has reluctantly become engaged to her boyfriend David, possibly the only human duller than her job, and, in turn, spends fewer nights having ‘intercourse’ with her fiancé, as he puts it, to get her kicks – and orgasms – in bars, during a whirlwind sexcapade with Emma. But, before she knows it, Emma has moved in, David has moved out and suddenly Sally is somewhat unwillingly in a new relationship.

All caught up? Tomorrow’s fourth instalment from the inspired Davis comedy, which follows the likes of Nighty Night and Camping, features Queen Cersei Lannister herself, as an actress buttering up a director dressed in rags.