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Facebook message

New FaceBook message from Lena and with this shaired – don’t forget Game of Thrones tonight!

Ahhh … Tis Sunday and that means a few things … A lie in for some .. Perhaps a banging head .. Regret ..and a blur of the night before for others..
Oh and season two of GOT BEGINS TONIGHT!!!!!
I know with certainty you guys will dig .. Major dig.
David and Dan are wordsmiths for sure and our ever growing cast just get more diverse and more compelling ..
So … Kick that stranger out of bed ( erase your number from their cell first) and get ready for war ..
On another note. Wylie was two yesterday. Stop now please you are growing too fast.
Peace fellow throne ers
X x


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  1. Sainte Jehanne obtient nous la force dans le combat contre le mal

    [St. Joan gives us strength against the evil]

    Hey Lena – I heard you were a fan of Joan of Arc??? My bloodline can be traced to the family of origin of St. Joan. Knowing that has often encouraged me during challenging times!

    Because you are brave (and gorgeous) – I would flip if you found a way to tell St. Joan’s adventures on the big screen…..

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