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New FaceBook message from Lena:

I’m back.
Don’t be jealous of intermittent twitter affair !!
I’m a terrible keeper upper .. You know that.
Back in LA. Lovely shoot with Mariah Mundi folks.. Though
I am haunted by corsets ..
It did rain for almost 5 weeks .. Not great surprise I know .. It is england BUT it is also JUNE people !! Come by now .. Share the sun .. A wee bit..
I turned grey like chopped liver. And I spent more than one night at the pub .. Rain ‘ll do that to a gal..
Comic-Con . Yes I’m coming. Sadly David and Dan aren’t.. But we’ll have . GRRM .. At least he’ll make sense ..
What else ..
Home for a spit. Moving house then starting on thrones.
Life is grand . My kid is healthy and my work is bountiful and challenging.
For these things I am ever thankful.
Compassion abound good folk